Thank you. You pointed me in the right direction and it helping. i used this link which was also helpful:

How to Upload Large Files in PHP - SitePoint

I went into my cpanel, I looked for multi PHP editor. I went into the edit mode, then selected my site. You will be presented with a list of standard uploading parameters which you can change. I recommend using the ones shown in the attached link. I basically increased upload to 10MB but you have to increase execution time etc toa avoid timing out.  I would recommend this site be kept in your favourites for future use.

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Good luck finding a script because they all have bugs 🐜 

So does PHPFox and without reliable support.. 

Yesterday, 6:49 am
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Ok, maybe that won't work as my cron job just ran and I received about 40 emails saying my test user just posted a comment as I was testing it out whether it was working or not.  I just checked the database and there are about 30 records of page comments saying "Test 2"

So maybe this app might cause more harm than good.  Sorry.

Yesterday, 6:11 am

Thanks for the reply Koern, the issue I am referring to is regarding the process of creating an event as a page.

To do this you have to first login as Page from the user profile dropdown, the select login as page. Once you've done this, you can proceed to create the event (which will show as created by your page)

The issue: when you get to the step of inviting people to the newly created event - there are no contacts loaded (this section is called "invite friends"

My ask: since you are logged in as a page, I though page likes would be populated here instead of friends. 

I see your point. Unfortunately I do not activate pages module, but if you can be more specific by showing the URL (no need domain name), maybe I can help you to take a look at the script and check how it works in the background.

I need the information about element1 and element2


Yesterday, 1:49 am

I purchased the mobile option with phpfox but haven't gotten all the info together yet to give them. Probably in the next week. Are you asking about integrating 3rd party apps into it?

First I want to know in general, then second is about integrating 3rd party apps.

Please share review or comment after you activate the mobile option for your website.

Yesterday, 1:19 am

I created a ticket with younetco. I came to know that STRIOPE and paypal only accepts USD. So I am changing the currency and all the packages :)

January 23, 2021 5:19 am


Ok, that app gives users the ability to filter the feed by hiding stuff.  It does say " With this advanced version of feed filter it is possible for the admin to add own filters for third party app" so I assume there is an add button somewhere.

I purchased Scheinwelt-Media Feed Bypass after speaking to him since that gives the admin the ability to hide it for everyone.  Anyways, in that app, there is a screen that lists the last 50 feed items.  It also lets you allow certain groups to see or not see feed posts.

Anyways, after I liked a page I went back to the Mange Types and for liking pages it says add:

TYPE: pages_itemLiked


Hope this helps :)

January 23, 2021 5:00 am