phpFox V4 Issues
After all mods, plugins, and third party add-ons are disabled, and once the upgrade is completed, can we delete all the v3 old site files? ...or will that cause problems with the new site? I don't want to waste space housing a bunch of old directories and folders that don't pertain to my v4 site after upgrading.
If you look at the cleaning up tutorial, just follow that guide. It is in the Documentation, menu link is to the left if you have the menus open. If not, click the button next to the logo to open them. There is a special v3 cleanup after upgrading tutorial. It is also linked in the forum post in the kb tutorial requests section. If your site is large, you might want to wait for 4.4. as there are a lot of improvements coming for optimizations and it's also a full security check. This way, you don't upgrade too many times and disrupt the site since it's best practice to take a site offline before upgrading.
April 30, 2016 8:25 am

Thanks JohnJr for that. I don't want to change the icon. I want the search wraper to be like in the picture all the time. I don't want it ever to be wraped/hidden. So I wish to have all the search fields visible all the time not like now when you have to press the 3 dots in order to reveal the searching fileds i.e. location, age, and so on

5 hours ago

I see the code is at PF.Base/static/jscript/main.js between line 4551 - 4584

and on 4578 is shows that when you click on that box it opens to full.  But this code is used through out the mobile site so you don't want to mess with that.

Could it be in your admincp > Appearance > Blocks >

Page: Vistor Landing Page (core.index.vistor)

Click the gear icon under the correct block for that page and a drop down box will appear.  Then maybe remove the checkmarks  on Collapse block for all the smaller screen size for phones and tablets....Maybe?  Don't forget to hit save.  I have not tried so I don't know.

Thank you JohnJr. It works from settings as you described

November 24, 2020 12:10 pm

Has anyone purchased and successfully used the Chat Plus feature?

Everything works except for the audio and video calling on mobile devices. You get a notification that you can accept or reject, but when you click to accept, the dialog box removes, and nothing happens.

The calls and audio calls are not connecting mobile to mobile. Did anyone use this with success?

November 24, 2020 5:02 am
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Social Media,

Good idea...also in Hannah response, she admits that we don't have their email now so where to all the notifications go?

November 22, 2020 3:15 am



I couldn't find wherein the information provided that it stated that. I apologize for any additional unneeded time to answer the question as I am new to this software. Thank you for the response, and now I know that they are deleted completely. I didn't want photos sitting on the server that had been deleted already.



Larry Jones

November 18, 2020 3:12 pm

If you know how to use firefox inspector you can hopefully find a unique div to search in the code for.  Hopefully phpfox will see this CSS and fix it as it looks like and image size issue and a couple of breaks in the code or some padding in the divs.  This looks like on the material theme.  I just check the facebook theme at and I don't see issues.



November 15, 2020 3:33 am

Well, to add to this mystery, I considered that maybe I had saved some of the images in Photoshop at different resolutions. In other words, 72 dpi for some, and 300 dpi for others. I considered that maybe that was the source of the problem. However, I just opened the last good one that posted on my page, and the first bad one that posted on my page. As I mentioned earlier, they are basically clones of each other. In fact, all 81 graphics for that page are clones of each other. they have the same size in pixels, the same resolution, the same basic elements. There is nothing substantially different between any of them, other than the actual text content.

And here is the real kicker. I just went to my own profile page, and I posted ten of the very same images as a test. All 10 of the images posted without a single problem.

As I mentioned earlier, I even deleted that entire page and started from scratch; and yet the problem still occurs. I have also rebuilt the theme, cleared the cache, used a few of those other cleaning options in the AdminCP, cleared Firefox's history and cache, and even shut down my web server and rebooted the entire machine. Yet still, this weirdness persists, and phpFox insists on blowing up certain images so that they don't fit in the page frame, and look blurry.

I am totally lost regarding how to fix this issue.


November 14, 2020 4:23 am

The only thing that has worked for me was the spam question with a image.  Like if you had a golf site you could show a picture of the tool to fix the divots (if that is even how it is spelled) or holes you make in the ground when you swing your club.  Some image that only the a club, a location, or niche would recognize.

November 14, 2020 2:56 am