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I am running version 4.8 and ever since I installed it I have spam users signing up bypassing all the ban filters, spam filters and the approval process for new members.  They are even bypassing the captcha controls. This ease of access for spammers never existed in any previous versions I've used...     Will probably go back to V4.7.10 They are even posting blogs although I have the settings so that only a particular user group can post blogs. Website:   UPDATE:   I have switched back to 4.7.10...   don't have the time to waste figuring out this issue.   :-) UPDATE:  Aug 12:   Seems to have resolved itself by upgrading from 4.7.10 to 4.8 rather than direct 4.8 Terry Mitchell Toronto, Canada
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Hello, how do i place a block for upcoming events in home page?
I think its because their product it`s very good, but to accept some credit cards and stuff like that, it`s not enough with a "simple" script.  You will be in the eye of a storm, with a lot of hacking attacks. And a server and a simple user, even a engineer ... could not do anything against such situation. Only enterprises with professional stuff can maintain that kind of website.
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Hi vijay, kindly let us know the name of Chat app that you are running? 
When any of my members go to look at their site messages they get an error dialog - Error: unable to connect to Im server. any idea what this is? Im on 4.6.1 (build 2)  
Hi eazydoesit,   It requires server configuration to be able to use this app. phpFox provided 3 options: + NodeJS and using phpFox IM hosting service:  You can order our IM Hosting service within AdminCP > Apps > Installed > Instant Messaging > Instant Messaging tab. The monthly fee is $5 per month. + NodeJS setting up on your server: please follow this guide + Firebase: using Google firebase service: Regards, Hannah
ok thank you, i figured out the problem. Somehow ( not sure how ) but the phpfox host url for their im services ended up in the field for it even though its turned off. I turned it on, removed the url and shut it back off and now my members can send each other site messages now. Thanks
Hello guys; I decided to use phpfox to do the mayor part of the work, but still there are some things I would like to change. Such as adding a follow system, which should count and display "following, and followers", and completely disable the friendship original system from phpfox. I would like to add some new kind of blocks, and adding a diferent rate system for users. I bought some curses from udemy to start doing changes. But please if you know, to do it faster, I would like to know what I need to study only to make create those changes, by myself. Thank you guys!
Hello guys. I recently noticed that phpfox has integrated the "follow" mode. But When member "a" add member "b" to his friendlist, member "b" doesn`t have any list of followers on profile. Is there something we can do to show it? Otherwise, is there anyway to make friendship way to work just like instagram, with followers and follows?
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what is the bug tracker URL?  now bug tracker & feature requests links are going to same page.