phpFox V4 Issues

Hi all, 

To begin with, let me explain a little bit about One-way friendships setting.  When you send a ONE-WAY Friendship request to someone, that person will be automatically set as your friend in your friend list without waiting for their acceptance.

For example: when Member A adds Member B as one way friend, it means Member A consider Member B as his/her friend and member B will appears in Member A's friend list. In this case, activities/posts by member A will be visible on member B feeds, but NOT the reverse. This is not a bug, the setting is working properly as its rule, please help us note.

Btw, I also would like to inform that the feature "following" as other social medias as Twitter, Instagram,.. currently doesn't exist in phpFox default platform, however, in our Store, we see that there are having some third party apps which support to that function, you can install them into your site.

Please be assured that  this improvement is on our list and it will be considered in our future updates.

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yes there is a third party follow system, which is an important feature these days. But there follow system doesn't support the main feed. I did purchase that app and after I purchased I realized it doesn't show the following feed on the main feed. So again it was a waste of money.

January 11, 2022 2:25 pm

I finally made it for google sign in function. I did it by creating a small app and following the instruction of Google.

This forum has really losen its charm. I miss 10 years ago when we had many nice contributors who were always ready to answer questions and share knowledge. Now the developer part has ben inactive since 2019.


November 24, 2021 1:56 pm

Sorry, been away from the computer for a bit.

Friends Only Profile  NOT SURE WHERE THIS IS

Just type in the search field in the admincp... Friends Only Profile

If that doesn't bring you to it then go to Apps/Friend/Settings


For Friends Only (Feed)  NOT SURE WHERE THIS IS

Just type in the search field in the admincp... Friends Only

If that doesn't bring you to it then go to Apps/Feed/Settings

I know they are not the issue as you stated, but I thought I would tell you where they are anyways in case you need them someday.

November 20, 2021 5:30 am
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It seems to be kind of policy to deliver a core software where not many features do work correct and then 3rd party developer try to offer customization of apps which are actually already part of the core software, but just do not work fine...and they offer that for high prices .. 

November 11, 2021 8:02 am
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We have November, 2021.. and the better ads ist still a pain in the a...

nothings works, even upgarde destroyed my site... this app does not work at all. I suggest all of you not to use it. I am looking for an option... does anybody know a product with which I can offer ads for my members?



November 8, 2021 11:53 am

welcome to be being blacklisted by email providers... like gmail... they will blacklist your site but notifications isn't a priority for phpfox. You have to find a freelancer who can go through tons of code to find it and disable it... but as soon as an update comes out it wipes that out and you are back to being blacklisted... but no biggie 

November 7, 2021 11:43 pm


Have you tried your last backup?

Working with phpfox you need to be very attentive, because from time to time some ghosts appear


so true! I like the software, but it is such a pain in the a..   sometimes wired things happen. My site crashed after upgrading better ads and I still can not login in admincp

November 4, 2021 7:21 am

Hi Naresh,

phpFox script only supports for Paypal gateway. For another payment gateway, please try to search for third party Payment gateway app on the phpFox store. 


can you please take it on priority as we Indian users are left with no payment gateway? one of the biggest and the most popular payment gateway in India "Paytm" mentions on its website that it can be integrated with a few lines of code.

"Use Paytm’s robust APIs and custom SDKs to start accepting digital payments in less than 30 minutes using just a few lines of code"

If It's true, please make a quick update in the script.

OR add any payment gateway that works in India.


October 20, 2021 8:18 am