phpFox V4 Feature Requests
We need more feedback now as we are looking at the features to see what clients are interested in from the requests there. Please comment in the feature requests you want to see implemented. Note that we just need to gauge interest and cannot promise that requests with lots of interest can be implemented as we will only implement things that will enhance the product without causing harmful side effects. Please remember, if submitting, to follow the posted guidelines in this thread and at the github area. That section is ONLY for small core improvements and not for full fledged features. Thank you.
March 4, 2016 2:33 pm


Please don't take offense, I was an MIS Manager and helped purchase software for that company to run its business that cost $350,000 dollars and that was just an MRP System for manufacturing.  Facebook has like 45,000 employees and that software cost many billions to make and upgrade.  I agree with you about add-on and yes phpfox has issues but you can only do so much when you have a dozen or so people on staff.

May 18, 2020 7:25 pm

Nope. Dead. 2020 and the script is still pretty much dead. They've capitalised on their mobile apps and have completely abandoned pro users. Our responsive issues are permanent.

They said they would implement a real MOBILE RESPONSIVE fix and feed fix but things never came.

I have now realized It's apps or nothing.

I don't know what to say about this. Nobody using mobile phone web can browse effectively so I obviously can't launch it as is.

I'm still here waiting for a fix 

Everything is fine on a home pc but on a mobile responsive, r.i.p feed after 50+ feeds if you're lucky it doesn't do vanishing acts.

They dangled the mobile carrot and when it was released, Surprise you now have to pay for the ultimate license. That ticked off a lot of old customers and loyal supporters.  If they posted that if that was their original intent, it wouldn't have wasted years of people's time waiting for it and wuold signal the community to seek out alternative solutions earlier on.  It was insulting and a slap in the face of loyal supporters.

May 9, 2020 2:23 am

I beleive this is already a feature

Display User Timeline Photos within Gallery
Disable this feature if you do not want to display user timeline photos within the photo gallery.

its the setting right below the current settings you quoted above in the Photos app

I could be wrong but i think thats how it works but haven ttried as I dont have a live site right this second(still going thru all the setup process)

I DO NOT see that same setting for the Video app


Thanks for the input, unfortunately, that's not how that setting works. The settings is to display user timeline photos within the photos app on the user profile and in the main photos app.




Setting enabled: When user posts profile photo or photo to timeline, it creates an album called "timeline photos" which can be accessed via the user profile and choosing "photos" from the user profile menu. The same photos also appear by going into the main photo app index (from main menu for example). So their photos can be accessed outside of their user profile. The main photo app holds all photos, site wide.


Setting disabled: When user posts profile photo or photo to timeline, the timeline photo is not added to either section of the photos app. You cannot view them on user profile or in main photo app. However, all user profile and cover photos are STILL added to the main photo app, accessible outside of the user profile. The main photo app holds all photos, site wide. Disabling this setting only disables the creation of the timeline photos album and storing of timeline photos. It does not stop photos from being accessed through the main photos app, outside of the user profile.


Try it out. I believe this behavior is suitable for maybe a photography website or something like that but it is not suitable for standard social media. No one wants their photos accesible outside of their profile. Even if they are public, why broadcast them to the whole site? Doesn't make sense.

April 13, 2020 11:35 pm

I can't believe this cannot be configured by the admin for this behavior :)

Users don't want everything they do to show up on the social network wall (liking page, changing their photo profile, adding another friend...)

Please take this into account for the next updat.

April 13, 2020 5:37 am