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This is something which I would also like to be able to do. Currently, I use YouNetCo's Facebook Clone template. The problem is that the left column is too narrow. As a result, when it lists all of the "Shortcuts" names, it only displays the first part of each link. This is confusing to my members, because some links begin with the same words, so you can't tell what is what. At the very least, if the column width cannot easily be widened by the site Admin, then at least wrap the link names so that the full name of the link can be seen.

April 1, 2021 6:37 am

Thank you for explaining where y'alls problem is. Maybe you should consolidate the two and share resources, Imagine Microsoft Office group and Mirosoft Outlook group claiming that they dont share resources. #smh.... Oh, wait, that would mean less revenue for both; my bad!

Regarding the relationship between YouNetCo and phpFox: First and foremost, phpFox and YouNetCo belong to a more prominent family named "YouNet Group"; however, we have separate companies, resources, and tools. We do not work with YouNetCo on any of our product development and customizations; yet, we have an agreement with them to be an expert (or third-party) to phpFox.

January 21, 2021 4:23 am

Not sure. I am still waiting for a response about something I purchased last weekend. This was a test purchase to see if I'd want to purchase anything else. Not so sure right now. 

January 2, 2021 3:53 am

Hello there,

As of now, we do not support order of the blocks for mobile.

Please be advised that the orders will be prioritized for the block that is in the middle of the screen first, and the sideblocks will be hidden or moved to the bottom. We are so sorry for this inconvenience.

However, we have a plan for the improvements for mobile web in phpFox V5 version. A beta version will be releasing in 2021, you can keep an eye on our blog at to stay updated. 



December 18, 2020 11:07 am
Hello everyone again.
I was unfortunate enough to say that I had solved this problem, but when you install a new module and it goes on the menu, everything gets complicated again.

If there is a programmer here who is interested in developing a plugin to control this I am willing to pay for this service.

December 3, 2020 5:14 pm

I would send them a copy of your payment receipt and they will look it up and if they can verify it they will give you the money difference.  I have dealt with them for almost 7 years and we go back and forth on bugs and issues just like cats and dogs, but I trust them in regards to money transactions.  There have been a couple of times where they could have been unethical with me in regards to purchases. I sent them an email and they checked it out first and if there was even a chance I was right, they either gave me my money back or gave me a credit, which is what I asked for.   One issue was a year after the fact, so I am very impressed with their integrity model on money situations, but do they charge for their work and time, which I always understood. So, anyone who reads this, do not think you can get away with getting customization work for free and not paying for it...


Now, back to the bugs (LOL)...which all third party developers would get a GitHub account for their addons so they keep track of the bug and issues and request for improvements.


December 1, 2020 11:21 pm

Has anyone purchased and successfully used the Chat Plus feature?

Everything works except for the audio and video calling on mobile devices. You get a notification that you can accept or reject, but when you click to accept, the dialog box removes, and nothing happens.

The calls and audio calls are not connecting mobile to mobile. Did anyone use this with success?

November 24, 2020 5:05 am