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Calling this individual a 'developer' is an insult to developers..


My statemeant was a general statement. Any developer you work with you should treat nice. I too am a developer with other platforms and can tell you from personal experience when someone starts with an attack instead of being nice it #1 gives me insight as to the kind of person they are, thus determining the type of support I will provide. What I have learned through years of web development experience is don't chase clients, especially don't chase crappy/mean cleints, and don't work to help people more than they are willing to help themselves. Being mean/rude is not helping one's self. Again that is not pointing fingers, just a general observation from personal experience. Like I said I am not taking sides I just know from personal experience that in many cases where a problem exists it is typically on the users side either from their host, the environment or themselves in not understanding things, not following instructions or making changes that caused the conflicts. I am not saying this is the case for the theme issue I am saying it is my personal experience with clients in general. Every major platform has bugs, working nice with a developer is a great way to build rapport. Sharing bugs with a community and how you have fixed them if you have is a great way to help others.

February 27, 2021 11:54 pm
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Since you are the second person that I know of that is having issues with FoxExpert, I would open a ticket with phpfox to make sure everything is working on their side first.

Nothing is wrong with phpfox, here is the app that has a bug I guess..

April 26, 2020 1:50 pm

Cedric, I just looked at the app in the store.  With the images they are showing as example I don't see a start date.  What I am guessing he is doing is the lottery dates that seem to be scheduled in the upcoming menu is really end dates and in the lottery edit screen there is a radio button that says "is active" which if that is not checked then it would show up on the upcoming lottery list.  Sound like an odd way of doing it but there may be reasons that I don't know about.  Try it out and let me know...I am just guessing looking at the image here...

August 14, 2019 2:01 am


i've updated  my apps and fixed most of reported errors:

Social Login 4,75
Removed approve and verify email for social accounts

Automatically approved  and verified their email, even global settings are set

Import Contacts 4,75
Include skype integration
Fixed a few languages phrases
Added check disabled csv,invite and export in controllers too
Remove not required fields from export contacts
Remove windowsLive
March 6, 2019 11:01 am