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i use the curl -s method on cPanel but sometimes depening on php version i get 503 not found errors from cron. i have it at 5 mins maybe that is my issue, but it works once in a while i get an email with an error of page cannot be found but that is one in a while, over all it works. i guess you have to test it.. if you see your cron are showing as they work your good.


cant remeber but with certain php versions i used JohnJr option before and it worked as well cant remember if it with php 7.4 or 7.3 and it worked

but I use: */5 * * * *  curl - s and after a few minutes it works you can see if it works when you log in or out or post something in the feed and check if you got any points. it will update every 10 minutes they way you have it. 

February 6, 2021 7:39 am

Well, after putting it off for a few days, I just successfully upgraded to 4.8.3. The only issue I have detected thus far is that all previous Instant Messaging threads have been deleted. I am not sure if that was intentionally done by the developers, or if it is a bug, or if there is something I am forgetting to do after upgrading. I do know that with some apps, you need to fix their folder permissions after doing an upgrade. I don't recall if that is the case with the Instant Messaging app or not. I'll have to check the installation instructions.

January 26, 2021 10:47 am

Hi William James,

We would like to inform you that Amazon S3 is only compatible with phpFox 4.7.x or older. From phpFox 4.8.x, we had a big improvement to allow managing storage system for one place. On the adminCP, Admin now can choose to host user-uploaded content via local system, FPT/SFTP, or at Amazon S3, at Digital Ocean space, or at any other S3-compatible storage systems.

So please go to AdminCP > Settings >Storage system> and Add new storage.

For more information, please refer to



December 17, 2020 2:34 am worked and extremly fast...about 10 mintues.  I wish I would have known about this earlier LOL.  Back in the day, I used the FTP method of uploading because I did not know about just uploading the file to your website's cpanel directory.  Is there a way to update the Upgrading Your phpFox Website page?  It currently has a "Hint: If you have cPanel you will have a File Manager that has an Unzip feature. You could ZIP up those files/folders and upload the one ZIP file. Then unzip it on your server."  I must have missed this while reading because it is in italic and just a "hint"  The instructions need to be more clear with a better direction for new people or people like myself who did it an old, long way hahahaha, like adding a screenshot of how to upload it to your website's server and unzipping it.

Thank you very much, Hannah.  You're awesome. :-)

November 8, 2020 1:42 am

Hi spirog,

We already replied to you via ticket system, by the way, we add a comment here so that everyone can view it:


1.) Can I install Plesk control panel or any control panel so I can have better control of security on the Ubuntu server the one you will install chatplus server? 
- Answer: Yes, you can.

2.) When reading docs for install chatplus it says we need to add 2 subdomains - example: &
Question: will these subdomains be installed on Ubuntu server (chatplus server) or on my other centOS 7 server where I have phpfox installed? 

- Answer: These subdomains need to configure to your new server (Ubuntu) where the Chatplus server will be installed on.

if on the ubuntu server, how will it work with subdomains because my website is and Ubuntu server will be and not be same domain as phpfox site ? 
- Answer: I can confirm that it is ok to use another domain for Chatplus if needed. There won't be any issues with this.

3). Will support install Jitsi on my new Ubuntu dedicated server for voice / video calls ? 
- Answer: Yes, we will do the installation for voice/video calls on your Ubuntu server.


November 4, 2020 3:16 am