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hi everyone  i get this error if i want upload a ad image, Server responded with 0 code. only with chrome, with explorer work it someone know about this and how to fix?  
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Dear natalino castro, I guess that this issue came from Block Ads extension of Chrome. Could you please try to turn off this extension and check it again? Waiting for your update.  
Mohammed Alex
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Although we have pointed numerous issues when testing the ad module and received a recent update, the issues are still persisting and all we can notice is that one field has been hidden this what we need to accept as an update ? - Ads still disappearing when clearing the cache in admin ... confusing for administrator - Cpm selection is still present in the option menu of pay per click ..although option is not available for end user and admin - url of destination is mandatory...although all ads should not take to a link - ads keep on runnign even when setting click limits runs for while exceeding the number of clicks  - ads keep on showing but status is ended ad show still active both on admin and website - When click is exceeded ad sty on site but takes ANY user of the site to the maage ad this a navigtion issue ? All those bugs make the module unusable and need urgent attention
Fox Observer
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I'm glad that the website version is now complete and as an investor I can see the benefits, so we can provide a good quality website for our users. As well as we can get benefits from ads. But what I can't understand is, why our developer can't understand the situation that in this generation, they mostly used mobile apps. And when the phpFox native mobile application we're done that's the time the ads disappeared. If ever I am the sponsor, why would I invest on a social media site that's only on website my ads can see, and not on native app where in 95% of user is on app. We need a good benefits that is why we invest. And our sponsor's need our social media site for promotion. There's no harm on trying. Follow this new generation.
There is a provision of having multiple ads on a single location. But when we post multiple ads , it shows the ads one below the other ? is it a standard way or its a bug ? I think it should show one of the ad only.
What happened? . in Ads > Edit & Add > Sponsor and Ads we have setting for male and female check mark but what if we add other Gender there is no check mark then will they not get the ads? or see the sponsor ? Steps to reproduce: go to gender and add another gender(s) now go to sponsor or ads and see there is no check mark for them so if we add different gender(s) they will not show in the sponsor & ads - if we wanted that gender to only see those ads or sponsor ads  how can we make it to show only to a specific gender ?
Also we should be able to advertise by languages, genders, user groups, countries, States, Cities, by zipcode(s) this would make so much more sense to people who want to reach a certain clientele   I live in chicago - I would want to advertise to greek people who speak greek, so greek language and also who live in Illinois and Chicago and by zipcode also to gender male female or if they are other gender that I have created this would be nice to have all these features in Better ADS and Sponsor Ads we can Call it "Excellent ADS" then, instead of Better Ads :)