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Anyone has faced this disorientation of the Material theme in the visitor page? Please find my visitor page in Signup and the images are is small against the normal size. How to fix this back, as it does not look right.   
Got the answer.. That is because of the Google Analytics module. It was placed in Block 1 as per the suggestion but it was pushing the Login module. Moved the Analytics module to Block 7 or so.. now it is working. 
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What file do I manually edit to change the logo size to the actual size of our logo? The current default size is too small. Thanks in advance! Dan
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Just go to Appearance - Theme (your current theme you are using) CSS (scroll to the very bottom and hit carriage return) Use the CSS below with your image exact size for height and width.  If you want to adding padding on the right side of the logo then redo the image and add it on the image's a lot easier that way.