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hi leandro

actually for me publications (text, photos) in pages are included in the activity feed.

but comments on a page publication
are not included as a new item in standard activity feed

also i have the issue that a i do not know
to make likes action to appear as a feed event
(i see this on several social network based on phpfox)

what do have leandro ?
March 19, 2014 1:39 pm
Integration between phpfox site, PHPbb and wordpress sites
Dear Sir,

We need the following task:

We have three sites:
Site 1 is phpfox site built using phpfox
Site 2 is phpbb site built with phpbb
Site 3 is newspaper site built on wordpress

We need the following

1-Single Sign in for all sites. The user who login to any of the three sites, automatically login to the rest of them

2-News feed from Site 1 phpfox site should be shown in special footer block in both other sites

3- forums of phpbb site 2 integrated with forums in phpfox site 1 and any change in one of them should be reflected to the other..

4-Recent news from site 3 wordpress site to be shown in special footer block in phpbb site 3 and also recent posts from site 2 phpbb to be shown in special footer block of site 3 wordpress site

Can you help me on that and how much it cost?

March 15, 2014 6:09 am
A few different ways:
<ul><li ng-repeat="story in stories">
<span class="ng-bind: story.Title"></span>

<ul><li ng-repeat="story in stories">
<span class="" ng-bind="story.Title || 'Loading...'"></span>

The second option will render the "Loading..." before your AngularJS scripts are loaded at the footer instead of your users seeing an ugly {{story.Title}} rendered on the screen. AngularJS reads ng-bind values as javascript so the expressions like || and && etc. may be used. This example is useful for the very first blink of a second view of all your static elements before any scripts are loaded at the footer, where they should be unless you want your entire page to render after loading all your scripts.

There is also a little more advanced way to handle multi-library frameworks that use the same escape charters as AngularJS. In your config for your AngularJS module you can simply change the "{{" and the "}}" to whatever you wish:

angular.module("myStoryApp", [])
.config(function($interpolateProvider) {
March 10, 2014 3:22 am
Originally posted by: webwolf

I hadn't tried it on a php block (admincp). I would have expected it to work there too, but it didn't.

The data is available, however. I was able to get to it by using the code below:

"User name is: " $aTemp['user_name'];

Works fine, thanks!
February 26, 2014 6:55 pm