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.Posted in how to set phrase in a module please check the knowledgebase before posting as that tutorial is found by using the search term Phrase. I believe this one would work to show you how phrases are made as it gives an example of how to add one. There are a few more tutorials also.
I can't figure out how phpfox sorts blog categorirs in the left column category list? It is neither name nor category_id. Can you please tell me how sorting is done or what file to look at?
Hey everyone!I need to use a image as background image and I can only get the link in a img tag. Here is the code I'm using:<div class="item" style="background-image: url("{img server_id=$aDownload.server_id path='downloads.photo_url' file=$aDownload.image_path suffix='_600'} "); background-size: cover;">
.Posted in AngularJS data binding.
I thought I'd share some ways to handle data binding when using AngularJS with phpFox. Here are some examples: <ul><li ng-repeat="story in stories"> <span class="ng-bind: story.Title"></span> </li></ul> <ul><li ng-repeat="story in stories"> <span class="" ng-bind="story.Title || 'Loading...'"></span> </li></ul> The second option will render the "Loading..." before your AngularJS scripts are loaded at the footer instead of your users seeing an ugly {{story.Title}} rendered on the screen. AngularJS reads ng-bind values as javascript so the expressions like || and && etc. may be used. This example is useful for the very first blink of a second view of all your static elements before any scripts are loaded at the footer, where they should be unless you want your entire page to render after loading all your scripts. There is also a little more advanced way to handle multi-library frameworks that use the same escape charters as AngularJS. In your config for your AngularJS module you can simply change the "{{" and the "}}" to whatever you wish: angular.module("myStoryApp", []) .config(function($interpolateProvider) { $interpolateProvider.startSymbol("!!"); $interpolateProvider.endSymbol("!!"); });
Hi, I know only a way to create a profile feed block: CMS -> Add New Block Product: Core Module: Feed Controller: Profile.index Component: --display How can I create a block like profile feed block that show only feed belongs to a user, but controller is different (not "profile.index") for example blog.index, forum.index ... Thanks.
Thanks data66 very much for the helpful guide! Actually I want to disable the core profile feed and create a block that show feed belongs to an user (integrated with third party module). It is very difficult for me to do this. I will follow by your guide and try to do something.
.Posted in Create profile feed block this is how to copy a block. If the block you want to copy is coded to only show on certain controllers, then you have to make a full module for it. code it by basically copying the current profile feed block and changing it in the code to be where you want it. It would be a little complex for a first time module and it will probably add to the site load having now three feeds on the site. You would want to consider if you want to add that much load as a feed is a heavier module.
Hello, I have a problem when developing module I want add multi activity point for each user group. I read code core in page http://localhost/phpfox/admincp/user/group/activitypoints/id_2/ (id = 2 is Registered User) but i see each module we can add only one activity point So, how to add multi activity point thank,
Sorry if I don't understand your question. If you go to admincp->users->manage user groups and click the arrow beside the group the bottom option allows you to set as many points as you want to each module.