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Running this SQL query:

UPDATE `phpfox_user` SET `user_group_id` = x WHERE `user_group_id` = y

Just replace "x" with the current user group id and "y" with the new user group id.

You can check the user group id into the AdminCP -> Users -> User Group Manager.

Fern, you did it again. Just saved me hours on a weekend where I'm changing my entire DB.

The only thing I would add for others like me (not SQL savvy) is to click on SQL at the top of the screen--not Query. For some reason, that was my logical place to go to run a query. Thanks again.
March 29, 2014 10:39 pm
I was playing around with PHPFox in AWS recently and ran into this.
When I started, I was launching it as "development.somedomain.tld" and it spit up that Invalid Hostname tomfoolery. I changed it to phpfoxdev.somedomain.tld and it worked fine in the license step. No biggie, I changed the dns entry in Route 53 and moved on.

What made it super odd, is I have a development clone out there now on for another site and it's called development.thatsitesdomain.tld ... works just fine. Haven't had any issues that I didn't create. :)
February 27, 2014 7:41 pm
Did you get an answer ?

I would like my profile to display one of my custom fields! i.e {full_name} - {gender_name} - {CUSTOM FIELD}

BUT I do not know what my custom field names are called ? Are they the same at what I see ? i.e if I have a custom field called Your cancer Type, what would the custom field name be to insert the follow code ?

full_name} - {gender_name} - {WHAT GOES IN HERE ?}
February 22, 2014 1:33 am