Customizing phpFox v1.6.x
Hi all
With the release of phpfox 3.6 and the excellent focus on SEO that this is delivering, I think we should revisit this topic. I have looked all over forums and in google generally and cannot find an answer to this.

version 3.6 provided as great way to add rel=nofollow links to all external links but the job was only partially done. People can still add links in forums and blogs - anywhere really that TinyMCE editor loads.

Is there any way to automatically add rel=nofollow to these links or is that something to be taken up with TinyMCE?
September 3, 2013 12:51 am
I believe "" reports inline styling.

As mentioned, that means you will find them in the templates or code, not stylesheets.

Some inline styles are generated by templates and code from settings.
So they are tricky to uncover.

Post a screen print of what you are seeing for better assistance.
June 8, 2013 3:12 pm
Originally posted by: Purefan

Havent done this but Id try the /site/public/logout.php
Where it says:
App::gotoUrl('public.logout', array('completed' => 'true')); 
Id try:
App::gotoUrl('public', array('completed' => 'true')); 

You dont want to edit a template file because it does not redirect, you want to edit either a site file or a component file that handle the process of logging out (not even the logout function in the Service handles the redirect itself)

Currently logout from phpFox takes you to the index (login/register) page. I have a created a page within core controller which I want people to be taken to when they click logout instead of the index. Essentially I will be using the page as an advertising billboard. The page is called What file do I need to edit, and how, to make this happen? Thanks
February 21, 2013 10:42 pm