phpFox Legacy V3
it can be a profile type, like the band profile but some privacy settings enabled by default, like if they choose Band profile they get privacy settings to allow everyone to post in their profiles and join their group and etc... but if its an underage profile then only friends can PM them and things like that, they can change that later on but at least thats the default.
January 22, 2009 8:47 am
Same problem here. In IE7 (7.0.5730.13) I click on the button to accept the license agreement and it just says "processing" forever.

With Firefox I didn't encounter any trouble on the install.
March 7, 2009 1:51 am
Originally posted by: Purefan :: phpFox
Yes thats correct, from the admin panel you could even assign the mail folders to the profiles if you want.

I'm also assuming there will be different profile types so we can set them up differently?

For example, you could have a Musicians profile with a different layout than that of a Recording Company, etc?
February 24, 2009 12:25 pm
Originally posted by:
Hehe no problem calisun Smile

Could you tell me where you are from and what's your native language? I always love to analyse our website name a bit more. I choosed it because it has no special meaning in any language and it's very easy to remember.

Nero was one of the more disgusting Roman Emperors.
and your title suggests that I will get my "fix" of him...

in English, a "fix" is a dose of what is usually an illegal drug, or something addictive.

A fix of heroin is what I need on a daily basis to keep from suffering from withdrawal symptoms, if I am addicted to heroin.

"to fix" could also mean the process of injecting oneself with a drug.
March 4, 2009 6:16 pm
Originally posted by: ClubUgly
You are repeating yourself. You were the one that got on the defense. I merely pointed out why I said what I said and even agreed with the bulk uploading idea. Take a chill dude. I provided plenty of good suggestions around here with examples too. It doesn't bother me if people don't publicly like them. That's life and you can't please everyone. Tongue

LOL... Multi Upload, Bulk Upload, Mega Uploader, Super Duper Picture Blaster... who gives a flying @&#^ what it's called. I think we all understood what mindspltter was asking for and phpFox desperately needs it. Let us decide if we want to enhance our hosting platform to allow adequate resources.
February 2, 2009 5:02 pm
Originally posted by: ClubUgly
You know I posted this already on the very first page of this thread. The 3rd beta will be upgradable to Beta4 meaning that you can upgrade 1.6 to Beta4 or Beta3 to Beta4 to RC1... Not any versions before this. As PureFan said, it would be not good to upgrade a live production site to a beta or RC versions.

look it's great that you are keeping up with every post on this form but sometimes people just have to ask and sofar i have not seen Purefan or Nato or any other phpFoX staff complain about people asking question so back off a little and let members communicate with the staff after all I think everyone is alittle exicted about the new platform.

let them eat cake err ask question till the actual staff says NO MORE QUESTIONS

just my 4 cents worth oh and if the Staff did not think it was worth answering I don't think they would
February 6, 2009 5:22 pm
Originally posted by: Dazzy
LOL I dont really care about V2 features, I am more concerned about the robustness of the engine, I can always get eye candy things devoloped afterwards. If the engine is right you will see more mods including more free ones which you keep saying there isnt enough off. I am only giving an early indication of what alot of members on here are feeling.

And with all due respect, you have been hailing IPB as the best thing since sliced bread since you came here, I sometimes wonder why and what your motives could be. Phpfox have chosen VB for their community forums because they like it, who am I to question that decision? It serves it's function here and calls for them to switch to IPB are pointless as eventually the whole community will be run by the V2 engine. You may like IPB and how it works and thats ok doesnt mean everyone else has too.

I am not the one crying about how things are going or mod prices etc I have very little to say in this community anymore and it will continue like that for quite some time.

Take it however you want but it is meant as constructive criticisim, and as for the VB two finger thing goes I gave that ages ago if you did a search you would actually see that Wink

He he he, yes I have been a big fan of IPB and before the announcement of everything being converted to V2 instead of using the current platform of Vb I admit that I expressed my concerns but that was mostly due to the vb platform and lack of moderation at the time which wasn't a good mix.

I agree with you too and is on the same train with regards to the engine being robust... Pretty much my requests are most ACP(admin control panel) enhancements to strengthen the product engine which I believe is well overdue.

As for the lang file suggestion, well I will have to ellaborate on that in the appropriate topic, but in short I used IPB as an example only and it wasn't to imply to make the system identical.

The crying comment was just a laugh and not to be taken seriously. However, lol I will have to search for your two finger thread he he he for good reading ie. shtitz & giggles.


For phpFox to be successful it cannot be Natio's product (although he owns it). It must be the communities product. <---In my opinion.
You are absolutely right. If the public outcry is for something to be added then it should be and not discounted because the developers think it's stupid or a dislike for the person that suggested it. Not implying that any of that is going on around here. But within reason things should be explained with a good explaination and or benchmarks if not feasible or doable honestly. A good example would be the annoying light blue font used in these forums... Who hasn't complained that they are annoyed that it's difficult to distinguish links from text in small to large posts? That's why I have to manually do my posts in black color so if I do add a link it will be easily viewable for anyone doing fast scans or reading the actual post.
March 7, 2009 4:54 am
Originally posted by: ClubUgly
You're wrong. That was the intent of Alpha Release Smile

thanks for pointing that out, yes..i was talking about the alpha actually....hehe sorry about that, but yes.. would love to see modders to keep us inform about their development in their past mod whether it is able to be upgrade to v2...esp the arcade mod. i would like that still in my site but maybe upgrade in the design...

e.g add soft drop shadow at the tabbed menu (arcade mod)
January 30, 2009 10:14 am
I dumped my 1.6.21 and am waiting for v2 tired of spending money and told my members i would let them know when the site is back up until then we all use fb to keep intouch did not want to do it but got tierd of buying mods spending money i did not have and the over all site not functioning properly so i am eagerly wating for v2
January 30, 2009 6:49 pm
Of course Purefan, the vote should not only represent the phpfox script itself. The vote answer may be based on the community you are running and what everyone expect as amount of members.

What's the biggest phpfox 1.6 community, someone know?

My experiences in social network is, when you provide a good network script, you don't need to advertise it yourself, your members will do it for you. Then you just need to lead them a bit with rules and news. As you said, the design is also important that's true. For myself, I don't expect a design of phpfox, I just hope that in phpfox 2.0 it will be somehow easier than in phpfox 1.6 to create a sitenavigation menu as easy as the top menu.

I know phpfox 2.0 will be a great tool and helper for your community to get easily members, but I know also from other social network software that there are things implemented which are blocking your community growing. I see that in phpfox 2.0 you removed some of these blockers that were implemented in phpfox 1.6 and that was a great step forward. Sadly I still see some little possible growing blockers in 2.0 alpha and I hope they will be removed until the beta release.
January 30, 2009 8:52 am