phpFox Legacy V3
Of course Purefan, the vote should not only represent the phpfox script itself. The vote answer may be based on the community you are running and what everyone expect as amount of members.

What's the biggest phpfox 1.6 community, someone know?

My experiences in social network is, when you provide a good network script, you don't need to advertise it yourself, your members will do it for you. Then you just need to lead them a bit with rules and news. As you said, the design is also important that's true. For myself, I don't expect a design of phpfox, I just hope that in phpfox 2.0 it will be somehow easier than in phpfox 1.6 to create a sitenavigation menu as easy as the top menu.

I know phpfox 2.0 will be a great tool and helper for your community to get easily members, but I know also from other social network software that there are things implemented which are blocking your community growing. I see that in phpfox 2.0 you removed some of these blockers that were implemented in phpfox 1.6 and that was a great step forward. Sadly I still see some little possible growing blockers in 2.0 alpha and I hope they will be removed until the beta release.
January 30, 2009 8:52 am
Originally posted by: ClubUgly
You're wrong. That was the intent of Alpha Release Smile

thanks for pointing that out, yes..i was talking about the alpha actually....hehe sorry about that, but yes.. would love to see modders to keep us inform about their development in their past mod whether it is able to be upgrade to v2...esp the arcade mod. i would like that still in my site but maybe upgrade in the design...

e.g add soft drop shadow at the tabbed menu (arcade mod)
January 30, 2009 10:14 am
I dumped my 1.6.21 and am waiting for v2 tired of spending money and told my members i would let them know when the site is back up until then we all use fb to keep intouch did not want to do it but got tierd of buying mods spending money i did not have and the over all site not functioning properly so i am eagerly wating for v2
January 30, 2009 6:49 pm
Originally posted by: ClubUgly
You are repeating yourself. You were the one that got on the defense. I merely pointed out why I said what I said and even agreed with the bulk uploading idea. Take a chill dude. I provided plenty of good suggestions around here with examples too. It doesn't bother me if people don't publicly like them. That's life and you can't please everyone. Tongue

LOL... Multi Upload, Bulk Upload, Mega Uploader, Super Duper Picture Blaster... who gives a flying @&#^ what it's called. I think we all understood what mindspltter was asking for and phpFox desperately needs it. Let us decide if we want to enhance our hosting platform to allow adequate resources.
February 2, 2009 5:02 pm
Originally posted by: wilhelm
Hi , just downloaded de 2
so are there plugins for albums , more options for the home page (after logging)

or I am way 2 early :D

Not on the alpha it is just a look see for moders
February 2, 2009 11:35 pm
Originally posted by: ClubUgly
You know I posted this already on the very first page of this thread. The 3rd beta will be upgradable to Beta4 meaning that you can upgrade 1.6 to Beta4 or Beta3 to Beta4 to RC1... Not any versions before this. As PureFan said, it would be not good to upgrade a live production site to a beta or RC versions.

look it's great that you are keeping up with every post on this form but sometimes people just have to ask and sofar i have not seen Purefan or Nato or any other phpFoX staff complain about people asking question so back off a little and let members communicate with the staff after all I think everyone is alittle exicted about the new platform.

let them eat cake err ask question till the actual staff says NO MORE QUESTIONS

just my 4 cents worth oh and if the Staff did not think it was worth answering I don't think they would
February 6, 2009 5:22 pm
Well maybe that should be a separate mod then for any external links posted on the site because the thought of the splash page is not how the Facebook one works. Or make it optional because I for one am not that paranoid and the fact that members can report broken or bad links right from the listing.

If they want to add more security, then maybe strengthen the script to envoke captcha before submitting a link or something that detects phishing links like email does. But whatever happens I don't want to be annoyed by a splash page when I'm viewing pages or links... Especially as a staff or admin when validating them or browsing them for moderation so I surely wouldn't want to wish it upon my members.

Just keep it optional is all I'm saying and the content of it should be editible so you don't scare people with warnings of possible threats.
February 10, 2009 3:40 pm
hehe funny story Purefan Smile
I can imagine this... it's a bit like the same problem I had first to find a team and developers for our web 2.0 community project. When I came up with the idea to create a new network, most of them said "There is already facebook, there's no free place anymore for another network"... then again, after creating just a very simple registration form and usermanagement, I wanted to implement the friends system and other features, and they said "facebook already have this" ... "I don't think that it's worth to invest in something that already exists" ...
You can't believe how sick I was to hear such sentences when trying to find a team. The only people who really just did it and followed my ideas were the russians, so I joined their team to provide people a "better" alternative to facebook and all people joined our new network like there would be nothing else and they keep joining today, now 17 million users and it became the most successful website of Russia and Ukraine and the countries surround.
Of course, the media called us a "facebook clone", but we were already better. We came up with social features that facebook never had and we were advertisement free.
I quit working for this network of serveral reason, but most important reason for me was, that - althought it was planned and already 98% done - the russian management never did something for the European people, so, most of my friends outside Russia weren't able to join this network.
I'm someone who doesn't care if a community has only 10.000 users or 10.000.000 users, I simply want to provide an international network for my friends and their friends, where everyone may have fun and where they can easily connect with each other.
... but now I had the same problem again with finding developers who just believe in creating a new web 2.0 script, ... again, everyone said "there is already facebook" .. lightning

I also own several vbulletin licences and it was fortuity that I saw Ziki posting a mod called "phpfox integration" .. I just took a look what the hell "phpfox" should be, and somehow it did sound interesting, so I searched for phpfox on the internet and I found the website. Wow a lot great features I thought, then I watched the 1.6 demo on the website and it was just boring because only "example" users with "example" pictures were in there.
Then I saw on the phpfox main page a link to the spanish/portuguese customer site and I joined this community to see phpfox 1.6 "live and in action" .. I liked it a lot more than the official demo.
I still wasn't satisfied, because I couldn't take a look into the admin panel and into the source code, I wasn't sure if this script is modifiable enough for our own needs, so I did contact the support with my questions. Mostly, Anna did answer me and she always said "yes it's possible" to every question, but she gave me always links to non public parts to the forum and mods, etc.. and I couldn't proove or take a deeper look, so I (sorry) did download a nulled script of phpfox 1.6 to play a bit with it locally on my server. I loved it, but then I was sure we couldn't use it for our community because of some issues, one of them was the "real name / nickname" issue.. We have a lot members with non latin names and it is not personally to force someone to recall his name in latin letters, very bad when you want to be "social" because when you want to find an old classmate from Egypt or Moscow again, you'll not find him under a latin name... but then I've read the phpfox company blog where all the plans of phpfox 2.0 were written in and this gave me the hope that phpfox is on the right way to match many of the needed social parts and shortly after, the public alpha demo was released. I took a look into it and it made me sure that the upcoming script will be best thing out there to build a nice community with... a plattform for fun and for my friends. Although I know that it would be better to wait for the final version because the licence upgrade time is not long enough, I bought already a phpfox licence to support the actual development progress of phpfox 2.0 and I think it doesn't hurt that much to just renew the licence again to be allowed to use phpfox 2.0 final.

I see a lot potential in phpfox 2.0 and I hope to increase this potential with my ideas in the Feature Requests area here... =)


Okay sorry, long story,.. back to topic ^^

Regarding username vs full name, I really understand that some phpfox customers want to keep a nickname only because of anonymous or privacy reasons of their users.

In this case, I would simply rename the phrase "real name" to "nickname" or "display name" ... Then it wouldn't confuse the members.

Wouldn't this be a fast and easy solution? cat
February 11, 2009 2:09 pm
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Well said!

In general there will be things like public albums and multiple uploads (see the other discussion in this same forum), overall we gather what you guys suggest us and we prioritize what gets the most votes
February 12, 2009 8:35 am