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I'm having the same issues... it's really annoying... I've done exactly the same things as you with no luck... I'll update if i figure it all out.
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I've uploaded photos in every possible way I can think of... uploading to my own album, upload by clicking the photo module then clicking 'be the first one to upload a photo' ... I've made sure to share the photos publicly yet when I click on the photos module the Recent Photos says 'No public photos have been uploaded yet' ... if you click the featured tab it also says 'No photos have been featured' when I can clearly see in the sidebar block that there are featured photos showing. Please, anyone with help on this? I've spent many hours on this already with no luck. I've tried just about every setting in the adminCP as well.
Quote:[PHPFOX_PHRASE]core.originally_posted_by[/PHPFOX_PHRASE]: DannyCoxI realize this is an old thread, but the problem I am having is directly related to the original post.I have done what was shown earlier in this thread, as I did when I had v.2.* installed. I was able to upload MP4 videos with v.2.* but can no longer with v.3.*. Below the "Select Video" banner on the Video Upload page, it is showing MP4s but upon clicking and browsing my videos, the MP4 videos are not clickable.Any ideas?Thanks, - DannyHi,You have to edit add.class.php.You can find it here:/module/video/include/component/controller/add.class.phpJust add mp4 and 3gp like this:swfu.setFileTypes("*.mpg; *.mpeg; *.wmv; *.avi; *.mov; *.flv; *.mp4; *.3gp","Video files (mpg, mpeg, wmv, avi, mov, flv, mp4 or 3gp)");Hope it helps