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What ever happend to this....just another option removed?

Want to rename the URL from to

I can go into the rewrite table and change it but when I go to groups or pages and click the blog/stories link and try to add a blog/storie...I get a page not found....although when I rename forum it does I guess they coded forums with the ability to change it name but not blogs.

August 13, 2018 9:00 pm

If you check in the knowlededgebase, a link to the table of contents is in my signature, you will find a tutorial for doing this. :)


hi and thank  you

i have a real licence but i can not transfer my site to  subdomain . 

in main domain site  works   nice but  in subdomain  only shows first page of site and  when i go to login  or signup or pages or blog  or polls  ... it shows  : the pagedoes n,t exist !!!!

may give  me a kindness guide to do this  or  a llink to read and teach.


October 14, 2017 1:44 pm
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Hi all!,
I have cometchat in the bottom and with padding-bottom at 30px (css from cometchat). Firefox's layout looks perfect but in chrome it's way bigger and not nice (even though is listed as 30px in the inspector).
Is there a way to make it "respect full"
Phpfox version:4.5.3
June 1, 2017 4:17 am
Thanks data i normally hire a freelancer that i know on Elance to handle any bugs or work that i need done to the website so its pointless me signing up to another website at the moment, this issue seems like it could be fixed easily so i will give that forum section a try first.
July 7, 2015 6:34 pm
Thanks all. I went in admincp and made photo sizes square and that seems to solve it - i dont know why - but I am keeping an eye on it still.
I seem to have same problem where did you change to square as seems to require a size in pixels.
August 3, 2015 10:31 am
I haven't been here in years, where can I find my license ID's & key's link?
I had 4 packages dating back to 2007
thank you
I have been a customer from waaay back as well.. 2005. Here is the link. Use the email your old license was purchased under and it will email you the license ID key's.
July 17, 2015 5:38 pm