What Paul responded with is really good! Concise and simplified.
Cloudflare can do some really good stuff if you write proper page rules.
They have really good support and docs. I highly recommend you look at the docs.

Udemy actually has a really really good course on setting up Cloudflare and they do a deep dive into Page Rules, which is fantastic!

here's the udemy cloudflare course. it's 10 bucks USD.

Cloudflare's docs for understanding and configuring page rules:

They have just shy of a dozen pretty good articles that dive into page rules as well:

The basic idea here is to cache the stuff that EVERYONE uses, regardless of anything else.
CSS, images, javascript (content that really doesn't change from user to user) are what you want to cache. Please take care to put your astrisks (wildcards) in the proper place however. Tr*t can match a whole lot of things. Be Careful!

There are a whole bunch of videos on YouTube that cover Cloudflare Page Rules. You might find that easier than reading a bunch of documentation and support articles. I would recommend you start with Cloudflare's own content before you go watching some guy ...
Here's one from Cloudflare titled maximize bandwidth savings with page rules. it's slightly more than 2 minutes of your time:

November 28, 2022 9:22 pm

that looks like it just uses access lists and doesnt do albums. I need one that users can password protect albums and use different passwords for different albums, and needs to be able to be utilized by guests also. With that app, the user would have to be a member of the site.. it seems that phpfox had this feature at one time. I remember in V3 there was references in the admincp to "password protect" in the photo module..I even asked about it once and was told it was from legacy I'm thinking V1 or V2 had it? 

November 9, 2022 12:25 pm

Hi All,

We would like to inform you that from now on, we no longer support upgrading from the phpFox Legacy license to the phpFox V4 Lite license for FREE. You will need to purchase a new license and  follow our special guidelines to upgrade from V3 to V4 if needed:

We are so sorry for this inconvenience and hope will get your understanding of this new policy. For those who own a Legacy license and need our further support, please open a new ticket at: and our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you,


November 8, 2022 4:56 am

Unfortunately, phpFox V4 hasn't supported options for factory reset. Resetting the site may be complicated depending on what customizations have been made. We can give some general guidelines to reset the site:

- For settings, there are some setting types: global settings (of site and apps), user group settings, and user settings. To reset global settings of site and apps and user group settings, you need to run MySQL script to update the corresponding setting tables in the database. 

- For changes in Core source files, you can upload source files from the original package of the same phpFox version.

- For changes in source files of Apps, you can install those apps in AdminCP

To manage countries and cities in phpFox V4, you can go to AdminCP > Globalization > Countries

Hope that my general guideline can help you.



Thanks. Will try to reset. 

November 1, 2022 8:54 am

Just a caution. Why they advise against modifying stuff in the code...
If you have edits, but they improve or modify the files you're also modifying, just throwing the old ones back in their place could break what the developers are working on as well. It's risky!

It's a huge PITA, but you might want to look at what you're overwriting, before going and overwriting with your modified files.

Thankfully, comparing them should be as simple as running a diff command on your system and then carefully reviewing the differences between the files. If there's more than you're expecting, you might have to carefully re-apply your custom edits.
Just be super careful. I can see why they advise against it and void your support if you're doing edits to core files!

October 28, 2022 8:59 pm

Thanks any help would be great. I'd like to do the load balancing for sure. Are there any articles or documentation? Is it done with a plugin? I"ve got two dedicated servers.

There are so many articles and tons of documentation for load balancing between two servers!
First things first, look at what your hosting provider offers. If you're in the cloud, there are several options.
If you have traditional hosting in a data center, you'll want to talk to your hosting people first! Once you know what they give you to work with, finding articles and documentation on it gets so much easier! 
Your hosting people may have some articles or documentation on load balancing as well. Be sure to ask or look!

Just as a primer, LiquidWeb has a decent article that will give you the most high level overview.
It's not the load balancing bible, but you don't want that! Not right away at least.

October 28, 2022 7:44 pm

you can check both check boxes and it gives the subscriber the option for auto payment or manual.. i guess if they miss the manual payment it goes to the 'on failure' group. I thought that this was how it worked, but never used the subscription app before and wanted to be sure.... yeah, V3 we could do 1st month free then payment on recurring

October 25, 2022 3:55 am

Dear Rich,

This is a specific issue on your site only, could you please open a support ticket and provide us with your information so we can check it?



October 24, 2022 6:53 am
Posted By

Bill, you are correct in that yours would be 20% (plus tax) of what your current license would cost now.  I know any code changes would cost extra but you would have to look at the description of the upgrade at this URL or Product Addons in your PhpFox client login.  Mine says the following which I question about it not saying the free chat stuff in the description but they provided the link so it must be right.  Here is the description for V4 Pro

phpFox Annual Upgrade - V4 Pro

This addon is for the annual update plan for phpFox V4 Pro license. The access to new phpFox versions will be kept in next 12 months.


So check your description for the Annual Upgrade for Ultimate so at least you will know.  I  have too many hacks to actually use V5 but I wanted it so I could at least try to help the forum if needed.  I understand your frustration though...sorry.  Winter is coming so I will be back inside in about a month if you still need help.


October 21, 2022 1:59 am

I have the user group extremely limited. However if you goal is to keep them out of the app until the transaction has finished - that's not happening.

The subscription sign up is confusing to many people and my response is usually, "yeah... try the desktop - it's easier" 

But should I have to say that? No I shouldn't.

Mark my words - When v5 comes out - you won't see stories or reels... you probaby wont see 3rd party plugins that will work with the app either.

I am serious not trying to be a hater here... I would be excited for a solid product. I just know better.

October 20, 2022 3:29 am

Dear Daniel Abrams,

Thank you for your concerns about MetaFox (phpFox v5), please refer to our bellow information:

1. Is there not a demo of phpFox 5?

- Certainly, we are going to have Demo site after the MetaFox Official Release. Details of the release note will be published on our blog at, you can keep an eye on it to stay updated.

2. I presume many or most third party apps may not be portable to phpFox 5.

-. All current 3rd-party apps on phpFox Store are for phpFox V4. MetaFox App structure is completely changed, so all 3rd party apps need to be rewritten for MetaFox

3. Is phpFox 5 simply uploaded on top of the existing phpFox 4 installation?

- No, phpFox v5 is a different product line so we need to migrate data from v4 to v5. Please don't worry, phpFox will support the Migration script after MetaFox Official release, so you can migrate data of all Core features & Core apps from your existing phpFox V4 to MetaFox.
If you would like to migrate data from 3rd-party apps used on your phpFox V4 site, you should check with respective app vendors for their development plan and migration solution of their equivalent apps on MetaFox first.

4. I presume phpFox 5 like previous majour versions replaces previous versions, so phpFox 4 is EOL. Correct.

- Kindly note that you can continue using phpFox 4 whenever you want. However, we will continue supporting and maintaining phpFox V4 for 12 months. 

Hope the above information clarifies your queries, kindly let us know if you have any other questions.



October 17, 2022 10:56 am

Dear Terry,

I checked and could not reproduce this issue. I received both notifications and email notifications when subscribing to a thread (for both thread owner and replier). Please make sure that you check your junk box as well. See screenshot.

In case you still get this issue, kindly open a support ticket and provide us with a video for this issue.

Best regards,


October 17, 2022 3:00 am