Dear phpfox developers. Please delete this thread. I didn't see any help from you or other people on this forum in buying an upgrade from PRO+ to ULTIMATE no (surprisingly, no one has even paid a single cent :( ). It is sad that I was not able to create a website with a mobile app to help the IDPs and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But there are many other caring people in this world who help Ukraine. I am sure that Ukraine will win this terrible war. And of course I will return to the forum if I stay alive. See you in the new free world with an independent and European Ukraine. With respect to all. Please delete this thread.

June 23, 2022 3:33 pm

Hello Hank,

Sadly, this feature doesn't exist in our default platform at this time, we deeply apologize for this inconvenience. However, it has been added to our improvement lists for future updates.



April 19, 2022 9:23 am

Hello All,

Thank you for being interested in MetaFox. It’s the project for the future with the new technology, UI, and UX. It’s still under production and not be ready to use by the end of this year.

As you may know, the technology of V4 and MetaFox are different. So, it’s hard to inherit from the old version. We are developing a tool to migrate core features from V4 to MetaFox so that clients could upgrade to the new tech easily. We did not make a pricing frame for the upgradation yet but when we complete the product, the team has more expertise to give the best price for the upgrade work.

V4 is also a good version, I think that you should continue to use and develop on V4 for a while to avoid delaying the business and wait for MetaFox stable.

Again, thank you very much for being interested in MetaFox. We continue to keep you posted.


May 31, 2022 11:51 am

Hello FettyCoins,

phpFox does offer customization services which can help you integrate some addon apps into your site and build your community as per your ideas so you can consider working with us as we are the owner of phpFox platform with a deep knowledge of phpFox architect so we believe that we can bring you outstanding performance with good quality for the custom works. Let us know if you are interested.

Have a great day!


March 22, 2022 10:24 am

Hi Naresh,

We would like to suggest you use a professional email service for your website. Some services that we would like to recommend are Mailgun (, SendGrid (, SendInBlue (, SparkPost (

You can refer our documents to setup some email services:

Hope the above information is helpful for you.


January 13, 2022 4:42 am
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Hi Naresh,

I would like to inform that:

+ The Dev release is scheduled at the end of Q4 2021 or Q1 2022. 
+ The Alpha and Beta will be released in first half of 2022 and the V5 will be realsed in the second half of 2022.
And other information will be updated later, so please keep following our blog for new information:



January 6, 2022 10:00 am

Randy, did you ever receive help with this? I am surprised to see no answers here. With my settings, I just have each domain separated with a comma and a space. But I only have two domains in my white list like this:


Notice that I have a catch-all wildcard both before and after the domain so that everything from that domain is allowed through.

Hello thank you for your reply,. And yes I finally figured it out


January 4, 2022 5:47 am