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Do you have Plesk or cPanel?

In Plesk you PHP info and change:

upload_max_filesize for 2m to 10m

post_max_size from 2m to 8m

These new sizes seemed to work ok, but you can pick whatever you want.  I don't know cPanel though, but it probably has some area to change your php.ini file.

I had the same issue/error when I first started using a dedicated server.


February 8, 2022 1:56 am

I beleive this is already a feature

Display User Timeline Photos within Gallery
Disable this feature if you do not want to display user timeline photos within the photo gallery.

its the setting right below the current settings you quoted above in the Photos app

I could be wrong but i think thats how it works but haven ttried as I dont have a live site right this second(still going thru all the setup process)

I DO NOT see that same setting for the Video app


Thanks for the input, unfortunately, that's not how that setting works. The settings is to display user timeline photos within the photos app on the user profile and in the main photos app.




Setting enabled: When user posts profile photo or photo to timeline, it creates an album called "timeline photos" which can be accessed via the user profile and choosing "photos" from the user profile menu. The same photos also appear by going into the main photo app index (from main menu for example). So their photos can be accessed outside of their user profile. The main photo app holds all photos, site wide.


Setting disabled: When user posts profile photo or photo to timeline, the timeline photo is not added to either section of the photos app. You cannot view them on user profile or in main photo app. However, all user profile and cover photos are STILL added to the main photo app, accessible outside of the user profile. The main photo app holds all photos, site wide. Disabling this setting only disables the creation of the timeline photos album and storing of timeline photos. It does not stop photos from being accessed through the main photos app, outside of the user profile.


Try it out. I believe this behavior is suitable for maybe a photography website or something like that but it is not suitable for standard social media. No one wants their photos accesible outside of their profile. Even if they are public, why broadcast them to the whole site? Doesn't make sense.

April 13, 2020 11:35 pm

I have just been reading the reviews for the new comment app and see there... You have a new feature with stickers and emojis in the comment app. I was using the 2 thirdparty plugins from Scheinwelt Media (comment_img and comment_emojis). Now I uninstalled them and tried to upgrade again, but the error came back like I mentioned in my 2nd post (white page with 2 phrases).

January 8, 2020 5:04 pm

I just used a fresh install testing a bug issue with YouNetCo so I checked the CSS Editor and it is working on this fresh I must have goofed up something.  Sorry to waste your time.

March 22, 2019 2:32 am

Did you disable setting "Keep Non Square Images" on your site?


Keep Non Square Images
By default we create 2 thumbnails for each image. One keeps the original aspect ratio and the other is a fixed square image. With our current themes we only use the fixed square images. The original aspect ratio images are not really needed and disabling this feature is advised.



Currently, if you set it NO. So, the avatar with suffix _120 doesn't exist.
We will fix this bug in Music and Core.

see this is a bug waiting on fix ?

see the photos on github that i posted where this feature is in admincp

and see if it is YES or NO



also for feed there is a setting in feed app that aalows you to remove feeds after certain days see below photo


apps> installed> feeds> settings



hope this helps, 



September 10, 2018 12:50 pm

hi, in the edit photo area, we can only set photo to
mature content: - Yes Strict - Yes Warning - NO
and allow download by check mark or No download

  • we need option to set some photos as Private and only be able to allow another user we select to view our private photos.

  • this will be cool feature especially if dating site and we don't want anyone else but certain friends to view those private photos

  • should be a select option where we can type in friends name and select which friends are allowed to view those private photos

Hi spirog,

For now, you can use "Custom Privacy" when upload/edit photos. And yes I know that this feature is not really user friendly, we'll consider to improve it. Thank you.

September 6, 2018 4:44 am

I found a fix (sort of) for this problem. Using the Inspect tool in my browser (I use Chrome) I identified where in the bootstrap.css file the code is for each of the photo thumbnail containers (i.e., Album Covers, Photos, Photos in the activity feed, etc.). I then changed the background-size from "center" to "contain" and I added a background-color, in this case black (#000000).

In order to protect my default bootstrap.css file I created a new theme based off my current theme and made the changes to that bootstrap.css file.

I'm pretty happy with the results (see attachments). These are from the activity feed, photos page, and album view page (strip at the bottom).

EDIT: BTW, I haven't tested this on anything yet except Chrome on Mac OS 10.13.4.


June 2, 2018 12:05 am