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Hello Vanucci! 
So is Wowonder truely better than phpFox and cheaper? I know to do little customisation on phpFox is very expensive eithe with phpFox developers or their third party developers.
What are the features of Wowonder? Do you have access to their source codes?.

Yesterday, 7:21 am

Dear srny,

Please accept my apology if we have made you confused. 

We would like to confirm that the mobile app version 1.7.5 is having 2 intermittent issues with notifications. Our development team has been working on them in version 1.7.6. We cannot update the fix on your mobile apps for now as they have to be tested carefully first. You should wait for the official release of the mobile app version 1.7.6

And, as our explanation in your Support ticket, your Mobile Build Service was marked as Completed since you have approved the build and distributed them on Apple AppStore Connect and Google Play. In case your mobile apps have to be rebuilt for any further updates, you will need to proceed with a new Mobile Build Service. For more detailed guide about our Mobile Build Service, you can refer to this article:

Best regards,


October 7, 2021 8:07 am


You shoulda waited for version 5. This version is crippleware. The feed on web is "NOT TRUE INFINITE FEED" . Garbage.

I heard ver 5 is coming soon but man as always, why do I feel like it won't change anything? been here since v3 and never went live for AGES. I am 45 now damn when I was on I was a young man.

Goes to show how successful this crippleware is.

Yeah we are on our own. Expect nothing but forking out more and more $$$.

Shoulda saved that money for another platform. As me and the gang in here, we already wen beyond thousands. Too late to quit now.


True. I have invested so much money in this platform and also so many years. Now I realise that I couldl have easily developed my own site with a good framework like laravel. Its almost impossible to find a good phpfox developer , and when you find they will ask for a bomb to customise. YOUNET is the worse , they asked for $1700 when I asked them for an Indian payment gateway ... lolzzzzz...... feeling trapped.....

February 13, 2021 1:21 am

Hurray. The issue with usergroup permissions has been resolved as of yesterday. 

Now we have a registration issue where the password field duplicates instead of processing the user registration on mobile. I’m assuming it’s because of the update, but I can’t be sure. 

July 19, 2018 6:13 pm