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Turned out it was a server issue with an upgrade. They initially denied it was due to a server upgrade. Not saying this was intentional as they have never intentionally misled me. I was able to determine it based on a full code compare across multiple backups.

February 20, 2021 9:42 pm
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i think this might be a bug.. go here:


I read there is a bug posting some youtube videos where the links dont show and other issues they still working on a fix.. this is another area where you can actually see what others found as a bug and you can signup for free if not already to report bugs or see if an issue your having is related to someone elses report and to see if its a bug or they wil help you get the answer :)

February 6, 2021 7:19 am
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That's not going to help. EVERY video is gone. There's nothing in the database tables so there's no trace of anything. My backup databases have nothing either. Those date back 4 months. 10 years of videos... gone.

Suppose I should have been more responsible and monitored things more closely.

August 19, 2020 4:03 pm
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I edited the video upload size in both the admin by user settings for video app and in the cPanel by the instructions provided. The video will upload successfully, then say it's processing, but disappears and never appears on the site. Can anyone please advise of how to fix this issue.

These are the instructions provided

1) You will need to go to your Cpanel->Locate the section Software-> Php INI editor -> Choose the domain ->Scroll down and by default it the upload_max_filesize should be 2mb.

You can edit it to the desired size.    . 


yes edit to how large MB you want 100mb 200mb 300mb 600mb etc.

also you need to make sure you have crons setup as Paul mentioned and also have ffmpeg installed and set /usr/bin/ffmpeg or /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg

to find out in command line ssh type: which ffmpeg

also type: ffmpeg

this will give you version number of ffmpeg.

ffmpeg must be 3.0 or higher to work with phpfox

July 12, 2018 7:17 am