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We currently have phpFox 1.0.6 with heavily customized code intertwined with the core files on our site -

We are seeking someone who can perform the upgrade to the latest version of phpFox for us. This will be a very time consuming task.

We believe the best way, due to all the core file changes that have been made, would be to overwrite all the files we have now with the new ones (making a backup first though) with the new 1.09 files. Then manually re-adding each change by using our list of modifications and that backed up files which contain the changes that you made.

The list of changes we've made can be found at:

If you feel that you can do this project, please contact me and we can discuss more specific details of it.
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i think it would have to be done one step at a time

ie. upgrade to 1.0.7
upgrade to 1.0.8
upgrade to 1.0.9

this is due to suspected database changes and what not Smile
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I can do this aswell. PM ME for quote...thumbs_up
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