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While its working good enough for me, i have tried it on (kazak's site), and its just not happening whatso ever

any of you 3 (clint,dycero,ron), wish to take a look at the files while you get a chance as its got me stumped wink
I would love to give it a shot again but unfortunately my hands are becoming more full each day. I have actually just had to hire someone to finish another job of mine because I have no more time at all. I really shouldn't even be here but I made a promise that I need to keep...

I would love to see this mod become a true integration though. The Signup is the easy part. I'm sure everything is easy until the Login part comes around... I had it 98% done (login) but just couldn't figure out the double sessions. Hopefully someone can get it going.
cheers for the reply anyway dude, hopefully ron or dycero will see this Smile