If you are in need of assistance, in order to save time, please include the following information:

Is this a new problem?
Have you installed any new mods or templates lately?
Does debug show any errors (Please be sure debug is at level 3)? (if yes, post errors)

What version of phpFox do you have?
What browser are you using?
Have you checked to see if there are errors with firebug?
Have you searched the forums by Post for your issue?
Have you checked the Knowledgebase for an answer?
Have you checked the bug tracker for your issue?
Have you cleared your cache?
Please always put code or debug in code tags
your code or debug
and remove sensitive site info as it does get into google.
Have you checked with the browser developer console (f12 in most browsers) and clicked the Network tab once that is open, to see if there are errors showing?
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