There are a lot of tutorials in forum threads for new coders but they can be hard to find. This thread will link to those articles. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps compile this list. This is not to list knowledgebase articles as we already have a list for those.

noob/newb coding 101 definitions

noob/newb coding 101 local development site using xampp

noob/newb coding 101 create a drag and drop block example embed a video

Here's a good one php the basics.

Intermediate Level Tutorial so you wanna learn ajax .

Good reference link in this post to the beginner programmers .

A little more complex but useful tutorial how to install a subversion repository at windows .

Javascript tuts on js optimization you should read .

Good links in this one learning php. However, it could possibly be the slowest loading page in internet history.
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Thanks Smile
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Great post. Thank you!

Do you have a suggestion on a development tool that helps with phpfox programming?

With OO php and developing on a new framework, it would be very helpful to have features like "code hinting" (i.e. auto-suggestion of syntax ,..) error checks, ...
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Well if you mean what program to use, I use Netbeans as Purefan recommended it. If you mean tutorials, the knowledgebase has an article listing (in my sig) and there are tuts there plus there is the developer api available to help you.
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