I am trying to add a FAVICON.ICO to my website. MSDIMEPIECE.COM I uploaded file into root directory and to the PHP index folder. It works in Firefox and Chrome but Internet Explorer. I inserted the following code as instructed but not working still. Please advise where to place this code properly.
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you have it in the right place.

IE sucks though.

I browsed Yahoo in Firefox and the favicon appeared. Then I viewed Yahoo in IE, and the favicon didn't appear.

Looks like adding a "?" question mark after the favicon url may work according the the last few posts at http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/lt-LT/iewebdevelopment/thread/a6fb09ef-aa3e-4e9e-be44-edbfad322657

you could try going into your templates and updating




dunno what file it's in or if it works, but it's what they posted on the MS forum link above if you want to read through it.
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THANK U,,,,,i try it tonight
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Dude don't even sweat IE not even the great facebook favicon shows up in explorer
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