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Can modify a users "user group" status? is a setting of any User group

I created a user group for just one single user, which should almost be able to do everything, but not working around in AdminCP,... would members of that user group be able to modify another users "user group" status, or able to approve a user and if, how? Is it possible to open AdminCP for this user(group) so he just can change user settings like user group of users, password and so on?
Last update on January 10, 11:32 am by ich-bin-daheim.

This was asked in 2012 with no answer....and here I am asking the same question :)


I turned it to yes on a specifc group but don't see where they would make the change?

Last update on October 10, 3:57 am by JohnJr.

Found the answer...need to give access to admincp and you can pretty much do anything except clear the cache...what a useless setting for me I guess :(

Last update on October 10, 4:20 am by JohnJr.