Hi .... perhaps someone can help ... we have a problem with the "User Login".
The password is not verified at login and therefore must agree not this. Only if username is wrong ... can not log a user. I give but a correct username and password incorrectly, I'll logged. Where the error can be ... it can be a server-side setting?
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If you are in need of assistance, in order to save time, please include the following information:

Is this a new problem?
Have you installed any new mods or templates lately?
Does debug show any errors? (if yes, post errors)
Does firebug show errors?
What version of phpFox do you have?
What browser are you using?
Have you searched the forums by Post for your issue?
Have you checked the Knowledgebase for an answer?
Have you cleared your cache in admin panel and on the server in file/cache but leave index.html in there?
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Problem for some time, so I have taken over the programming ... but I can not say how long ...

- Mods are installed under some other bulletin or Advance Points or
Groups ....
- Firebug shows me though at fault, but not in relation to "Login"
- Phpfox version 1.6.21
- All browser have the problem
- The forum I have not found a solution
- Otherwise yet found a solution
- Cleared cache (admin / script)
- Phpfox Bug debug gives me an HTTP 500 error, very funny

strange problems
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Moved to legacy forum. Please ensure to always post in the proper forum section as these old versions are far different from new versions. As I do not have this version to go check, you will need to wait for an answer from someone that might have it.
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Hello because nobody has an idea where the problem might be, where I could start?
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Search the forum by Post as that brings up more results and see if perhaps someone else had the same issue. It's hard when using legacy, unsupported versions because not a lot of members are using it and you have to rely on them coming to the forum and seeing your thread.
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