I am using phpFox v1.6 and all menu links suddenly stopped working and only display blank pages. All links work properly prior to login but after I login any link that I click on only displays a blank page. If I login as Admin, go to the Admin Panel and attempt to use options such as "Delete This User" I get blank pages there also. However, if I login as Admin, got to the Admin Panel, select "Browse Users," select and "Login As This Users" then everything works just fine. When I click on a menu link it takes me to the page immediately and everything works as it should. I don't know if this has anything to do with it or if it was just coincidental but the problem started when I was deleting accounts via the Admin Panel. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Any help will be greatly appreciated...
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Backup the site and try clearing cache. I don't recall how to clear cache on 1.6 though but clearing cache on all other versions usually fixes issues if perhaps a bad file is in the cache.
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I tried clearing the cache but that did not help. I think I'll try restoring the backup. Can someone please tell me which directory do I extract the backup file to? Do I extract it to the root directory or the community directory where the files actually are? I don't know if the file just extracts the individual community directory are all the directories in that folder. Please advise.
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If you do not get an answer,
Extract it to a temporary folder so you can see what the backup contains.
Then you may copy it into the correct folder.
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Thanks Steward, but I did that and I got a .com file that I have no idea what to do with. I found some instructions online and I gave that a try but after clicking on "Extract" using "File Manager" in the Control Panel, as the instructions stated the results were the same. When I access the .com file online using the web browser the only option available is "Save File."
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There ya go.
Always test your restore procedure before you actually need it.
A backup is no good if you cannot restore it.
Sorry I don't know your system and have no further advice on backups.

But I know well that 1.6 is famous for blank pages.
Crank up your debugging and find the message.
There's always a message.
The challenge is finding where phpfox put it.

1. Turn all error reporting up to the max
2. Use a browser debug panel in case of javascript errors.
3. Know where your system phperror.log is and check it.
4. Find the phpfox error logs files and check them.
5. Display source. Sometimes it is not blank and has the hint you need.

Easiest place to start is 1 and 3. See what php is saying.
Good luck!
Last update on December 21, 2012 by steward.
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Steward, again, thank you for your assistance. I enable debug, found out that the problem was a corrupted page in the database, I removed it, imported a backup and now the site is back up and working properly...
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