This has always been the case, but I'm just now getting around to asking about it. Maybe something has been fixed in previous builds that addresses it; maybe there's something funky about my settings or something that prevent being able to post valid links reliably.

I currently have: 3.0.1(build 2); PHP Version: 5.2.17

For example, I can never post a link to Facebook Pages, and posting links to WordPress sites and blog posts is hit or miss.

I get this error message: "Not a valid link. Unable to find a title."

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you. Smile
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on earlier versions i think there was a bug where they would not grab title for example if it was a just pic url, anyhow this issue i believe you have was later fixed in newer versions so you probably need to upgrade to a newer version, personally i would recommend 3.4 latest, i dont know how stable 3.5 is, have not tested so i cant recommend it, i'm going to wait got 3.6 with its mega bug fix supposedly
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Thanks very much! Smile
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