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Hello phpfox team,

We have migrated our site from a cpanel server, now in two independent servers ( one for web and one for db ) as our site is a high traffic site and the previous server was not able to stand the load.

After the migration there are two things that they don't work in the new location.

1) The users can not change their avatar ( permissions sounds to me but I don't know in which directory )
2) /account/uploads brings me a white page.

I appreciate any help or advice on how to solve - debug my system.
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Well according to the guideline this is a new problem as in the old server the site was operating well.

As about the debug .... how do I enable the debug for this part of the site so I can post errors ?

My browser ? Firefox, Opera and Chromium with the same problem exactly.

There are no errors with the firebug as the cms is serving empty page ...

And my version is 1.6.21
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Moved to proper forum section for legacy versions. Please be careful with any tutorials linked as they might only be for v2 and up.
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Oops!! Totally didn't catch the version there!! Permissions link should be mostly ok, it should at least give you an idea...I don't know much about versions before 2.0 so I don't know the file structure on 1.6.x

Not sure about the debug script unfortunately, I don't know if that will debug the site or not...hopefully someone more familiar with 1.6.x can jump in now that Data moved to the correct forum Smile
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