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I have a site using 1.6.21 and I like it but it's getting too much spam and I can't find a good spam prevention plugin.

How do I upgrade it to the latest version?
First you need to upgrade to 2.0

then you can do the upgrade to the 3.x

note that addons for 1.6 will not be compatible with 2.x or 3.x you will lose all of them most likely
Last update on July 25, 6:03 pm by mostlymom.
will i lose pictures? and profile info?
you shouldn't lose pictures from the default script, nor should you lose the basic profile information. however if you had addons that added features or modified the basic script you will likely lose that. I don't know about the custom fields, I did not have a 1.6 website, however I do recall someone mentioning something about custom fields having an issue or something on the upgrade (perhaps it was steward)
Last update on August 3, 3:08 pm by mostlymom.
I think they will be lost.
Hi if your are worried why not copy your site to a sub-domain and also copy your database to a new database and try the update there. This then wont change your original website.
Please make sure you change the details of your sub-domain and new database in (/include/setting/server.sett.php)
I hope this helps...
Will updating to the latest version solve your spam problem? At what cost?