Is anyone interested in developing a module that provides the functionality for members to refer new members and then earn member upgrades?

For example, a member refers another new member using a unique URL that is displayed in there account. The new member joins the site. A post is made to the news feed advising Member A referred Member B. This referral is then tracked and the site admins will be able to view a report from AdminCP displaying information on the referee and the referred member.

There also needs to be a process that allows the site admins the ability to create rules to move people to different user groups automatically based on the number of referrals and if they become subscription paying members. Also, a block will need to be created in the members account so they can see how many members they have referred have become paying members.

If you are interested in developing this module, please let us know through. We can then provide detailed specs.
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You can do this with Brian's Store module. You would just need to use code execution products and maybe write a simple script to check member totals and if over a certain threshold, move them up. Setup up execution of script via cron....
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