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It is with regret that we find it necessary to create a section within our add ons for Unsupported add ons. This section is reserved for add ons from developers that consistently provide poor to no support and that won't work with us in mediation attempts. It is a step before revoking a developer license and removing all of their add ons.

We hope that this section will help to ensure that developers provide proper support for their add ons and respond to us when we attempt a mediation should it be necessary. We want to encourage developers to provide the best products they can with the best support for those products and to avoid formal complaints to our Community Department for mediation.

This does not mean that clients should expect developers to support other 3rd party add on integrations with their add ons. That would be custom work and generally is at a price should the developer decide to do it.

This also does not mean that clients should expect developers to provide free support after their stated support periods as that is up to the developer as to how long to support their add ons. Please be sure to read each developer's terms of service and support policies before purchasing.

Please note that all add ons are supported by the developers that make them and none are supported by PHPFox. This Unsupported area is not meant to mean that other add ons are supported by PHPFox but simply to mean that these add ons are not supported by the developers that made them.
Last update on October 23, 12:24 pm by Donna(data66).
Out of curiosity, what criteria will yous all be using to add con artists to the unsupported area? Do belligerent devs qualify - I have one OTHER one in mind who for sure qualifies.
If we can get no response from the developer and they consistently don't provide support within their stated support terms, we will review the developer's add ons. If the developer has a history in the forum of bad threads or reviews regarding lack of support that also helps determine if they go to unsupported. Basically, the developer has to show that they just are not supporting their add ons and won't work with us in mediation efforts. Our goal is to have good add ons with good support from developers.
Last update on October 23, 1:23 pm by Donna(data66).
Thank you for the clarification; that upped the number to 3. Much appreciate your efforts.