When in adminPC, under "users," one of the advanced search features is to look up members according to when they joined.

Every day there are spammers who have signed up, and I used to be able to select the option in the advanced search section of "users" -- the date joined option -- to ban and delete them at one time.

After the upgrade, the advanced search filter isn't working. Regardless of which option there I choose -- like "date joined" or "last login" -- the alphabetical list is all that displays. The advanced search filters don't seem to take.

The only way to do it now is to insert the member's name one at a time to find them and delete them.

Is there something in settings I can change or do to have this work as it used to?

Thanks. :)
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Try AdminCP >> Settings >> Manage Settings >> User >> Browsing Users Default Order
and set it to last_login. See if that helps.
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