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I have lost my original domain name and need to replace it.
I have put in a new one that will take me to the home page but when you try to go to another page some times it takes you to the old domain.
is there a clean why to convert all pages to the new domain
I am using 1.6. and have a ton of addons
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There's a KB article on this here.

I don't recall if PHPFox 1.6 had anything within the adminCP for domain name, but there IS a site name field that you'll need to update, if your site name has changed.

In any regard, I've done this myself on 1.6 and 3.x without any issue.
do what the KB says ... you should only need to modify server.sett.php. So long as the underlying server is configured to answer requests for that URL (in the case of name-based virtual hosting), you should be fine.
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