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Hello, Are you a confession tutorial that explains how to create a whole api to phpfox, because I find no easy tutorial to understand, is that it is possible to create an API for mobile arrowchat when the install this API opens the window mysite / arrowchat / mobile ... Is that possible?
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1) Create a folder in your root directory called "arrowchat".
2) Open that folder and create another folder called "mobile".
3) Upload whatever you wish to this folder.
4) To access whatever you uploaded refer to the directory as "yoursite/arrowchat/mobile/".

Note: Entering this directory in your browser will only open whatever you have uploaded to that directory and NOT phpFox at all.

P.S. You could create your own phpFox add-on that could also have access to this directory.

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ok thank you for your answer, but do you have a complete tutorial to explain how to add an API in phpfox, because I have followed the tutorial Upload files on the server, then create the application but nothing works eg for games * coffee *
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PhpFox already has an API. If you are wanting to upload a third-party software that has their own API, then I would recommend following the steps above and use both APIs to work-out your integration.

If you are having troubles with the third-party software then I would also recommend contacting the third-party - Arrowchat software support services. Arrowchat Documentation - API

To integrate a software into phpFox will require adding it as a plugin. If you do not know how to use phpFox's and/or Arrowchat's API to accomplish this task, I do believe Arrowchat has a support service that would be happy to help you (assuming for a small fee).

Or follow this tutorial via Arrowchat.
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