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Ho do set up a plugin to auto delete feeds that are older then 6o days?

Main feed only.
If you mean:

Feed Limit (Days)

This setting controls how many days we should look back when displaying feeds. If you set this to 0 it will look for all the feeds. We advice to add a limit to keep your site fresh. Note that this setting does not apply when viewing a users profile as it will list all of their feeds.

You can set it here...

Or in Admincp search for feed and towards the bottom you should see:

Feed Limit(days)
Global Settings
No, this is not what I am looking for.
Is possible create a cronjob to delete feed entries older than x days, however is difficult delete all other related data, like feed and their blogs or feed and their photos.
So, we create a php file and place it in the Fox directory then use the to run it ?
$iAgeInDays = 200;
$iTime = (Phpfox::getTime() - ($iAgeInDays * CRON_ONE_DAY));
$aCommentsToDelete = Phpfox::getLib('phpfox.database')->select('comment_id')
->where('time_stamp < ' . $iTime)
foreach ($aCommentsToDelete as $aComment)
if (isset($aComment['comment_id']))
Phpfox::getLib('phpfox.database')->delete(Phpfox::getT('comment'), 'comment_id = ' . (int)$aComment
Phpfox::getLib('phpfox.database')->delete(Phpfox::getT('comment_text'), 'comment_id = ' .
Phpfox::getLib('phpfox.database')->delete(Phpfox::getT('comment_rating'), 'comment_id = ' .