I'm back yet again.

I just successfully migrated my old database, and we have all the users correctly in the PHPFOX table.

However, the admincp and members list only shows the previous test accounts.

I both manually deleted the cache files and used the admincp cache clearing tool.
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http://www.phpfox.com/kb/article/134/information-on-how-to-build-an-import-script-for-users/ did you follow that guide for making an import script?
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I did not use an import script. I am handling the tables on an individual basis. That tutorial is rather basic, and I did cover everything it mentioned.

Every user has a unique username, email, and all appropriate fields are set to their corresponding values. However, only the first 4 test members are populating in the admincp and on the members page. I cleared the cache in the admincp, and did a manual clearing.

I don't see where this information might be stored in the database. Does the memberlist generate a static file somewhere?
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I solved it, as a note for future searches:

The phpfox_user_field is queried for the admincp and the membership list. You must update this table, the values are generated on the fly, so there is no need to worry about just leaving those blank. The reason it wasn't working for me, is due to the auto increment reset I have in my query. I went back and removed that, since this table does not auto-increment, and did a transfer for Oxwall. All 4 tables can be treated in the same manner.

As an example.

INSERT INTO phpfox_user_field(phpfox_user_field.user_id)
SELECT ow_base_user.id
FROM ow_base_user
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