Folks, when a developer takes the time to make an add on and post it free, if you decide to use it, take a minute to review it please. It really does make a difference for a developer to see their hard work appreciated.

Here is just one example:

19 downloads and only one review:

There are many more examples of this. If you like having free stuff, give the developers of the free add ons you use some encouragement by posting a review of it.
In looking through some discussions on some free add ons, I saw one client complain because they had to log into a developer's site to get the free add on. Well, so? My own free stuff requires you to register and go through my verification process (albeit a pain to do but my reasons have been stated many times). Other developers also require a log in. Is that really so hard for you to do when a developer took time to make a product and then offer it free? Really? Come on folks! Don't be lazy about it or obstinate. Make an account and post a review when you use free stuff or please just don't use it. Don't complain about taking another few minutes to sign up on a site to receive free stuff. It took a heck of a lot longer than that to make the add on, I can assure you of that.
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