I will really appreciate if someone can guide me through “how necessary is a development site (or a clone of your live site in your computer)”. confused

My main concern is about duplicating work; what I mean is: if you first got to test any change to you website by the means of a development site or local clone, and then applying that change to your live site, you are doing everything twice. How necessary is this? In my case, I wouldn’t change the default functionality of the script, but add some text, probably a static image, titles and headings only (at least for now), so I am wondering if I could do that directly in my live site without risk. This way I could take my time to create a clone in my computer with xampp little by little, and use it further on, when I learn enough to start making improvements.

And if it is possible to start without a development site, could I just download my development site folder to keep it in my computer, in order to save server’s cpu and ram, and re-upload it in the future? Unless the said saving is not necessary, if I will move to PHPFox Solutions and start with a Cloud 2 VPS Plan?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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I started out several years ago and never had a development site at that time. I ended up having to reload my site at least 10 times and start over because I was on hostgator and their backups were corrupt so when I made a mistake, I ended up starting over. My mistakes were because I explored every part of the script and experimented. If you want to experiment then have a development site. Some of my development is done with Xampp on my Win 8 computer. I recommend having at least a local dev site that you can upgrade when we release an upgrade and see how the upgrade goes for you. If making a dev site on the server, it must follow the rules and be in a phpfoxdev or development subfolder (my preference) or subdomain(never work for me).

Note - using any nulled stuff will get you banned from here and my site and the developer's sites.
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Hello, Du'Carlion and Data66!

With all this information and guidance from you both, my question is more than answered. And yes, I want to experiment. What I didn't understand very well is the "Note"; what does "any nulled stuff" mean in this case? Something like making an unauthorized copy of PHPFox script and/or using it separate from the original script? Thanks for reminder.

Thank you both for all your help. Regards.
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Nulled stuff refers to any addons or mods or even the core files that have been nulled, or stripped of any callbacks/credits/permissions/or anything like that. Illegal addons or mods that arent purchased by you rightfully. There are a lot of pirate sites out there that offer nulled versions of the paid addons found on this site, but most all of them, if not all of them, contain backdoors or bad code.

Also, i use a development site for any change other than text, including css changes. Like data, ive made the mistake of updating my live site and having to restart a few times. Its not fun, and very unnecessary, if you have a development site set up.
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