I didn’t know that anyone could get in my website since its first moment of existence, without being published yet. I thought that if programs for everything are created everyday –even for unimaginable purposes-some would be implemented in hosting service websites long time ago to prevent something as basic as that; unauthorized access for everybody!! But I hadn’t published my website, when people had been posting things in it. cry

This problem is solved, but now I need to make sure of

>deleting everything they posted.
According to PHPFox Knowledgebase’s “How to Delete a User”? Is that it?

>it will not happen again when I move to PHPFox Solutions.
Would “settings/manage settings/user/ Allow User Registration – false” be enough? (…And change it to “true” when I were ready?)

Thank you very much for help.
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PHPFoxsolutions will help you set up the site as closed and when you are ready they can open it for you. They can set it up as password protected access only for whomever you give out the username and password to access the site.

Yes, deleting the users from admin following the guide should work. The profile photos and all content should delete but it is good to check in the file/pic various folders to make sure, as an extra check.
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Thanks a lot, Du'Carlion and Data66, for such valuable guidance and fast response.
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