I know only a way to create a profile feed block:

CMS -> Add New Block

Product: Core
Module: Feed
Controller: Profile.index
Component: --display

How can I create a block like profile feed block that show only feed belongs to a user, but controller is different (not "profile.index") for example blog.index, forum.index ...

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http://www.phpfox.com/kb/article/454/how-to-copy-a-block-from-within-admincp/ this is how to copy a block. If the block you want to copy is coded to only show on certain controllers, then you have to make a full module for it.


and code it by basically copying the current profile feed block and changing it in the code to be where you want it. It would be a little complex for a first time module and it will probably add to the site load having now three feeds on the site. You would want to consider if you want to add that much load as a feed is a heavier module.
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Thanks data66 very much for the helpful guide!

Actually I want to disable the core profile feed and create a block that show feed belongs to an user (integrated with third party module). It is very difficult for me to do this. I will follow by your guide and try to do something.
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