is there any way to upload mp4 videos from iphones
You didn't state your version of PHPFox but if you have v3.6 and up you can use the html5 video settings and see if that works for your server.
Tested this with latest version and HTML5 settings enabled with success. It may need some time during converting process depends on you server config/hardware.
im using 3.7.6 i will try so what settings are you talking about HTML5 settings
ill try it out when i get the chance tahnks
uploads but doesn't convert it plays video black screen really fast
Is the server updated. It requires current ffmpeg, mencoder and any supporting stuff.
i believe all up to date im hosting is arvixe what else can i do
off topic, you should check the footer of your homepage and get that cleaned up too.

your main content area stops and your footer goes on for like another 1000pixels.
double check it to ensure it is updated as they don't automatically update to most current. Check your video.default.php file and ensure it has proper params too as that tends to be where the issue is. Otherwise, please have our support come check. I may be missing something.