1. I'm new, do I waits for v4?
2. If I wanted to brake as free members permission or premium members permission on my social network site. Which Apps should I check out?
3. Is there any marketplace app should I check?
any developer here can help me?
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Raymond Benc
Hi Rohit!
Thanks for posting on our community.
If you are looking for a larger database of apps, v3 would be the right choice; since v4 is still under development there isn't any stable apps for it yet. While, apps for v3 and v4 should be compatible, developers still need to run tests before they release it for v4.
I personally like v4 and would wait for it, but my opinion might be bias since I am working on it. :D
I did a search on our store and one marketplace app that might interest you is:
If you have any further questions let us know.