We are currently seeing issues with our promotions feature. We have a promotion set up to move members from one user group to another after 90 days of membership. We are giving people a free trial of our premium service. After 90 days the member should be moved to the user group for our free members. We have confirmed the settings for the rule are correct under User > Manage Promotions. In addition the "Check For Promotions" options is set to True. Currently we are having to move people over manually each day as the promotions option is not working. We are using this based on days only. Activity points is left as 0.
The second issue, we are having is problem with our paid members being moved to the free member user group. And this seems to only be happening with members who are over 90 days. This leads me to believe it has something to do with the promotions feature. However, there is no promotion set up in the system that affects our paid members. Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this? It's not happening to all members. It seems to be random and happens to a few members per day. However its causing a significant issues as paid members are being placed in free user groups.
We are currently using version 3.7.7(build 2).
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