I have a client who has been using Yahoo groups for years for his membership of over 200,000 members. It is an all-male, fraternity-type of association, and he is finally looking for a way to monetize all the hard work he has done for years running these groups. He needs a social networking software that is as private as possible, where there is a home page into the site, but no admittance without approval of my client. The site also needs to be set up so that it is all male.
Can your software handle the membership that he has now? Say half, 100,000?
What hosting would you suggest to handle this kind of membership? I imagine that the membership will start out slow, and grow over time, so looking for inexpensive hosting to begin with that can be upgraded as my client's business grows--thinking VPS hosting to begin and then possibly dedicated servers.
Is there a way to make profiles only male, with no femaie in the drop-down menus?
Can the site be further monetized with rotating banners?
Are there membership levels that can be set up monthly, quarterly or yearly?
Thanks for any information you may have.
Last update on July 10, 2015 by taceys.