Many have not been including any information in their feature requests. That's a great way not to get them made. When asking for features:
1. Include how this should function
2. Include where this should show up (site wide, user profile, etc)
3. Include any settings you want for it (user group settings, etc)
4. If possible, include a screen shot
5. Give all the details of exactly what you want made.
6. Only put one feature per thread.
1. Say "just like this" site (facebook, etc) as many devs still won't know what you want, don't want to have to go visit a place and sign up to see the features and this description is far too vague
2. Say a one word thing for what you want (I want a share button). That's far too vague.
3. Don't put more than one feature per thread.
Feature Request Thread Title: Front Page Background Changer
In the thread description:
I would like to have a Background changer for the front visitor page. Right now, we have to go feature a photo in our photo sections but I don't want those to show on the front page.
1. Disable the photo section featured photos from showing in front visitor page
2. Enable an upload option in AdminCP for uploading of our Front Page Background
3. Enable a setting to allow rotating these or to set as just one image
4. Each photo needs to have a place for a text field to show at the bottom left
5. Input (upload) button section should have a description of what size photo to load
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